Development of websites of any complexity. Website promotion and search optimization. Website maintenance and support.

Website Accompaniment web studio provides website accompaniment and relevant informational materials update.

Creation and addition of graphical images.

To ensure that the wevsite does not look "poor" and not look like a text document, you need to dilute the page with graphics components. Studio Can-All will help to select or create such graphic elements that will help your website to positively differ from other resources.

Information fulfilment.

Regular addition of company news, new products or thematic articles on the website. A website which constantly updated with new information is interesting to users. In addition, the dynamic website is more functional and user-friendly.

Import/Export of items to the website.

This point includes bulk upload or download of website product items. This type of service is relevant only for online stores.

Providing statistics of website traffic.

Providing information on the number of visitors for a specified period of time, the number of pages viewed on the website, the most popular pages, average user time of visit, and many other statistical information concerning the interest of users to your resource.

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We use:
  • Yii framework
  • MODX
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • HTML5
  • Google

Our clients:

  • Aton Group
  • Navien Україна
  • Правовий фронт
  • Солнечный дракон
  • Термо-Метр
  • Лампа в Дом
  • PRomoPulse