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For now in the Web you can find many website classifications in terms of complexity, content, structure, purpose, etc. However, there is no generally accepted classification of website types. Due to the lack of standardization, a lot of people have difficulty understanding what type of website they need and what tasks it could solve.

We propose our own version of the website classification to develop. The basis is the technical component, which affects the website development, the number of pages,  amount of content and content management. So, let's begin:

Business Card Website

The business card website is a small one (from 5 to 20 pages), contains the basic information about the owner, types of organization activity, history of creation, price-list of goods or services, contact details, requisites, the route map. Texts have great importance for such resources, because they should be as short and informative as possible.

Promo Website

It can also be called an advertising site (from 5 to 50 pages) - web resource that advertises a certain product, service or brand. In addition, this website can be created to inform about a one-time event (exhibition, conference, holiday, concert). The main components of such website are: detailed information about the upcoming event, a lot of visual effects for keeping the visitor's focus on the necessary information. For such promotional resources, the quality of advertising texts, marketing elements and Flash-animation are quite important. Promotional websites are like video commercials.

Corporate Website

Corporate website (from 10 to 100 pages) is a full-featured platform, an effective tool for attracting and serving customers. It should contain full information about the company, goods and services, price lists, and communication forms for visitors and company staff. For resource like this website optimization should be mandatory performed, to raise the position for the search engine robots. Also convenient and comprehensible navigation of website structure must be created, so that the visitor could easily and quickly find the necessary information, order a product or service. A quality and correct corporate website could become the main way to attract customers.

Web Catalogue

Web catalog (from 10 to 500 pages) is a corporate website of the company that offers a wide range of products or services. Such resource has a structure that provides an opportunity for:

• adding or removing goods or services;
• creation of categories and subcategories of the provided services;
• creating a branched category structure;
• convenient placement of information or images of goods.

Website could contain presentations, detail information about each product, expert reviews, prices for products and services provided. Website visitors can make an order for goods and services using the online order form.

Online Store

Online stores (from 100 to 1000 pages) are intended for the sale of goods or services via the Internet. The development of an online store differs from the online catalog the way that allow you to order and pay for products directly on the website and work with a shopping cart. In online stores there are different payment systems: sending goods by cash on delivery, instant pay by credit cards or virtual wallets, automatic sending of invoice by fax or e-mail. On the website you can find out about the availability of goods in stock, promotional discounts, the most popular products, and many other useful information about the goods.

Informational Portal

This type of resources (from 100 pages) is characterized by a large number of informational materials (news, analytical articles, reports, interviews, comments, reviews) on the subject of the website. Materials are updated regularly, navigation and search are convenient, additional services, interactive forms: forum, chat, discussions, questionnaires, polls, etc. This website is a network publication office, news agency or online media outlet.

Social Network

Social network (from 500 pages) is aimed at creating communities on the Internet of people with common interests or occupation. Communication between users of social networks is carried out through internal mail or instant messaging. It coukd be thematic forums of any kind, or resources like LJ and VKontakte.

There are other types of websites, but they are way more infrequent, so they could be simply listed. It can be: dating websites, personalized sites (created for one person) and others. Can-All studio will undertake the development of website of any complexity.

We use:
  • Yii framework
  • MODX
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • HTML5
  • Google

Our clients:

  • Aton Group
  • Navien Україна
  • Правовий фронт
  • Солнечный дракон
  • Термо-Метр
  • Лампа в Дом
  • PRomoPulse