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Website testing

Testing a website means a checking the resource by various ways and methods for working capability. Testing is necessary both for a new and already working website, in order to obtain a guarantee of the resource operability and increase its effectiveness.

Let's consider the main types of testing..

Testing usability (checking the user experience of the website). During this test the quality of website performance and interface convenience are determined, also actions to identify possible errors in the structure. The results give an opportunity to determine how correctly the "average" user perceives the information on the website, and how quickly he can find the information he needs. This is a very important indicator not only for functional websites (online store, online catalog), but also for business card websites.

Testing for high loads resistance. This test simulates a simultaneous visit of a large number of users (hundreds or even thousands) to determine the operability of the resource under high loads. Such testing is mandatory for news websites, forums and resources with an anticipated large audience. During testing not only the resource itself is checked, but the complex operation of the server hardware, web server, software kernel and other website components.

Testing HTML code. The whole website is checked for errors in the markup code and compliance with standards.

Security testing. The security check includes testing both the website itself with the web applications, and the web server, operating system and all network services. To keep information safe and for stable resource work, security testing should be carried out regularly.

Website like any other software product can not guarantee the absence of errors, it is necessary to identify and correct them in time.

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