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Website security

During the work with website there can be all sorts of unpleasant moments. For example, loss of information, not related to the work of the website itself. Web resource can be subjected to hacker attacks or illegal actions of competing organizations. In order to avoid such troubles and to protect your site from interruptions in work, you need a set of operations to protect the website.

There could be:

Backup (once a week, once a month, ...);

Recovery of lost data;

Keeping the CMS up-to-date;

Installation of anti-hacker and anti-spam components;

And many other actions to ensure a permanent and uninterrupted operation of the website.

We use:
  • Yii framework
  • MODX
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • HTML5
  • Google

Our clients:

  • Aton Group
  • Navien Україна
  • Правовий фронт
  • Солнечный дракон
  • Термо-Метр
  • Лампа в Дом
  • PRomoPulse