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Semantic core

One of the most important factors affecting the promotion of websites is a set of words and phrases for which website will be promoted. This list of keywords or key requests is called website semantic core. Optimization and promotion of the website is impossible without compiling a semantic core, as far as key request are the basis of the strategy and have a huge impact on the websites promotion. Keywords should be selected from those that are actually requested by Internet users, not just you like. This can be checked using the services that are available in each search engine. An improperly constructed semantic core, or if key requests do not correspond to the subject of the website, will lead non-targeted audience to your website. And this will make all the actions and means spent on the website promotion senseless.

But how to construct a semantic core correctly? When composing a list of key requests, it is necessary:

To analyze the subject of the website in order to identify the initial list of possible requests.

To search for synonyms, single-root words and words with similar meaning to expand the original list.

The result list should be checked for match with the real requests to the search engines. It should be done to exclude rare, insignificant and non-targeted requests.

For the rest words an analysis is conducted to determine the frequency of requests. A certain number of high-frequency, mid-frequency and low-frequency requests on which website optimization and promotion will be carried out is selected.

That's all, semantic core is ready.

Keep in mind that the correctness of composing the semantic core affects the promotion of websites and the success of the whole project.

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