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Website promotion

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Website promotion is a set of actions aimed at increasing the position of a site in the search request results and, accordingly, to increase attendance by the target audience. About 80% of Internet users find the necessary information with the help of search engines. So, the easier it is to find your site, the more useful it is for you.

The main website promotion points are:

Audit. This stage consists in the complex research of your website, which is performed to identify possible inconsistencies with internal transitions and links, with the need to change or modify the content. And also for the diagnosis of ease of use and the ability to quickly find the necessary information. We can say that with the audit begins optimization and promotion of the site.

Internal website optimization. This stage includes works related to correcting html code errors, changing content, changing internal transitions on the site. Internal optimization makes your site "visible" to search engines.

Search engine optimization of the website. This is the most time consuming stage, including: compiling a semantic core (a list of search requests for which websites will be promoted), inserting the necessary words and phrases corresponding to the semantic core in the texts, creating meta tags for each page of the site, and many other actions aimed at increasing the website position in the search results for certain requests.

Increase the references mass. Increase the number of links to your website from other resources, or increase the website citation significantly improves the position in the search results.

Effectively built strategy for search engine optimization leads to an increase in traffic, which means an increase in profit. Since incorrect actions to optimize and promote  your resource can cause damage and make it invisible to search engines, this work should only be entrusted by experienced specialists.

Website promotion is one of the most important steps for your business development in web. To do this you need high-quality Internet advertising and effective search engine optimization and website promotion, designed to increase the profitability of your Internet project

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