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Website content fulfilment

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Content is one of the most important website parts. It is a whole informational volume that the website contains. The main purpose of placing the information is to provide a user with the possibility to get familiar with services and products that your company provides, and also to keep interest for your resource. All information provided on the website should be correctly filtered, reliable and up-to-date, competently structured and divided into sections.

Content types and requirements:

Text. All texts on the website must totally and briefly share the necessary information. According to Jakob Nielsen, 79% of users do not read, but scan the text. Therefore, you should create the text as informative as possible with the minimum amount of words. In addition, it must be checked for grammatical and stylistic errors. Another important detail of textual information on the website is the need to graphically highlight important points that the user should pay attention to.

Graphic images (photos, pictures). All graphic images on the website should serve as an illustration to the text information and not be its replacement. Another requirement for graphic images is, that pictures and photos should not exceed the size of the text or be too large in weight.

Tabular data. You should not fill a website with a large number of tables without a necessity. They should be used for numerical data (price lists) or for data that is constantly updated (prices, taxes).

Hyperlinks. They have simple requirements: the links should be highlighted graphically and obligatory lead to the necessary information.

So, the content is a part of the website which works for the presentation of your company and keeps a constant interest to the website. Quality and unique content creates a positive opinion about your company among visitors.

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