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Website structure development

The previous step is website concept development.

The development of the navigation structure is one of the most important components that ifluence on the websites development.

This block contains everything that concerns the website content as well as the information strategy of the project being created. It is important that users can quickly and easily find the right information. For this purpose a possible way of users on the pages is thought through and navigation is developed in way to be intuitively understandable to every visitor.

On the basis of structure a web project creations works performed. The scheme will be supplemented by textual information, visual images, program modules and many others, from which the website will consist. Professionally designed structure makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of collecting an informative component of the website and avoid a large number of errors on the production stage. Such website works much more efficiently and does not need constant corrections in the course of its work.

There are many websites full of useful information in the web, but the problem is that this information is difficult to find, because the website has an incomprehensible or too complicated structure. The most common errors of navigation structure are: too tangled menu, incorrect placement of important pages, large levels of nesting pages, incomprehensible and chaotic location of information.

Creating an optimal structure is a very important part of website creation. If the user goes to the page overloaded with information, most likely he will just close it. The page needs to be created in the way visitors could fast determine its contents and find the necessary information or link.

Experience shows that the customer has some ready information that he would like to place on his website, but in most cases, this information has to be structured and requires splitting into parts and sections. Besides all articles and sections require the creation of an optimal system of links, to simplify the use of the website and reduce the time to find the necessary information.

After receiving all the necessary information for the future website (subject and tasks of the site, the amount of information and the correlation of text and graphic components), our website development experts perform analysis and offer the optimal navigation structure for the website. Thanks to this users can quickly find the information they are interested in, using an intuitive and convenient structure of the site. Therefore, before creating a website, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis in the web on a specific topic, and to identify the advantages and disadvantages of similar resources.

In addition, a qualitatively thought out and organized structure influences positively on the website promotion.

The next step - layout and software development

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