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Website concept development

The first step to conquer the Internet is a determination of future website concept. You can see a parallel between the website concept and a business plan for a commercial organization. In other words, the concept of the Web project is the basis for the formation of the budget, website technical structure, marketing activities (search optimization or promotion of the website).

There is no clearly regulated standards for the websites development, but its details and composition depend on the size and complexity of the future web resource.

However, there are a number of points that must be carefully considered before starting website creation:

Website goals and objectives. It is necessary to clearly define what goals and objectives you want to obtain when creating a website. All subsequent actions for development and growth strategy depends on this.

Potential audience of the website. When you create a website you should not start from your own preferences, but from the needs of the intended audience. For example, online store of children's clothes or toys should be bright and colorful, and not sustained in a strict style.

Webite design. Of course website should be unique and beautiful, but don't forget that it should be user-friendly and understandable.

Website functionality. During the creation of website concept an additional attention should be given to the functionality - to spot the software components that are necessary to carry out the website tasks. For example, a system for calculating the cost of products, a newsletter system to customers, a system to manage the content of the website etc.

Requirements to the content. Besides the website content should be informative, all information should be provided in a user-friendly form. After all, you need to create website which is useful and "cozy" for the user.

Plans and growth opportunities. When creating a website concept, you need to consider the possibility and strategies website promotion. This is caused by the fact some types of operations relating to search engine optimization and website promotion are already starting at the initial stage of development.

Only after the concept of the future website is created it is possible to proceed with the development of the navigation structure. You can create a concept yourself, but it's more effective to consult to professionals who will find the optimal solution for your requirements realization due to their experience.

The nex step is a website structure development.

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